Here you will be able to play in one of several online pool tournaments. Yes, this is real pool played on a real pool table. The tournaments will be held worldwide and can be played anywhere, anytime. The system will be readily available at any player’s discretion. There will be an entry fee and payouts for any and every tournament. There will be several events running constantly for you to choose from.

How this works

1st. You will need to register on the site and check your devices streaming compatibility.
2nd. You will pick the tournaments that you will be playing in based on table size and preference.
3rd. You will buy a ticket ($20) for the tournament you want to enter.
4th. You will set up your phone, laptop or tablet so it will be able to record your ghost match.
5th. You will be playing five racks of a modified version of the 10 ball ghost (see the rules section)

Other info

Players of any age may play, but anyone under the age of 18 must have consent by a parent or legal guardian.