About Us

10ball.org is built by pool players for pool players. We love the game in every aspect!!

We have spent nearly a year working to make this site work and be very user-friendly, but also to make it fair for all player no matter what skill level. Here are a few things we have in place to ensure fairness: we have a review board consisting of 5 people (4 of which are high-level professional players), detailed tournament rules, a handicap system and we have a forensic video analysis expert (Michael Primeau) on call. www.PrimeauForensics.com Aso we have non handicapped events that are called “Open”.

For us, this site just seemed like the next logical step in pool evolution. We hope you love this site as much as we do!!

Update: We have partnered up with PoolVidy.Me for the best interest of everyone. What does this mean? It means that when you sign up with us and compete in our tournaments your video will go on there site as well and if you enable commissions in your profile then you have the ability to get paid for your videos.

10ball.org was founded in early 2017.