We recommend you using your cell phone in landscape mode. You must have wifi or cell data that is at least .75mbps for upload. You can check this at if you want to make sure. It is your responsibility to check the video for scoring accuracy and video quality. This can be done once you have completed your attempt and are putting in your score since the video will be right above the scorecard. Also please do not answer any phone calls or message while shooting your attempt. This will cause the video issues.

15 entries are the minimum size for any tournament. If less than 15 entries are in a tournament then all entries will go into the following event until there are at least 15 entries.

Table Requirements

  1. All tables must be slate.
  2. Minimum table size is 7′.
  3. Maximum corner pocket width is 4 7/8″ and there is no minimum.
  4. Tables must not have a significant “roll” that would help a player.

Tournament Rules

  1. Before the match players are required to test there device and position the camera to where it can view the table clearly and at a downward angle.
  2. Make sure to adjust the contrast on the video to make it have the most visibility.
  3. At the start of your tournament entry please pan your camera around the room prior to shooting.
  4. Before playing please state your name for the video.
  5. When racking, the 1, 2 and 3 balls must be on the corners. The 1 ball in the front and 10 ball in the middle.
  6. The lowest number ball must be struck first or it is a foul.
  7. Any foul ends the current rack you are playing.
  8. If you make a good hit and scratch, then all balls made with that hit will be counted.
  9. Immediately after the break on your first shot you have three options:
    a.) Play the cue ball from where it lies with no penalty
    b.) You can Push out for 1 point penalty
    c.) Take ball in hand and take a 2 point penalty.
  10. If you scratch on the break you must shoot from behind the scratch line and it is a 2 point penalty. If the object ball you are shooting at is behind this line then you must spot it.
  11. Anytime a ball comes off the table (other than a legal jump) it will end the rack including on the break.
  12. Anyone caught intentionally cheating will be suspended or banned from any future tournaments.
  13. A person, whether it be the shooter or someone else, must remain in the view of the camera at all times.
  14. We encourage but don’t require, having music playing in the background.
  15. You do not have to call your shots, but you must make a good hit.

General Rules

  1. Your recording device must be set up to view the entire table and at least 3′ or more on all sides.
  2. We will give all players a handicap after the first tournament based on your match/matches. You will have different handicapping based off of table size.
  3. Any player that is playing for the first time will have a handicap; men start with a 15 ball spot and women start with a 20 ball spot. After you shoot the first time you will have a handicap based on how you played in our past event/events.
  4. “Sandbagging” will not be tolerated and will be considered cheating.
  5. The review board will have all final say on any and all rule violations and penalties.
  6. Anyone winning money may have a reduced or removed handicap for the period of up to three tournaments.
  7. A player can only win 1 prize amount in each tournament. Example: Player “A” played 5 times in 1 tournament and ended up getting 1st, 2nd and 4th. They would only get the first place payout and all other players would move up accordingly.


  1. Total of the Raw score
  2. Least amount of deductions(Scratches, Ball in Hand and Push outs).
  3. If no winner is decided by this point then the prize will be split between the 2
  4. If it is last place then the 2 players will split the last places prize.